Thursday, September 27, 2012

Testing..... This is my first post so I can test how blogger works. Please stop by again as I start to put all my post in order to show you how to make some extra cash as I try to do the same with this blog.

--------------------------------------STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION-------------------------------------

List Major Companies and AdSense will put their ads on your webpage. Major Companies pay more money is advertisement so if a major company ad is clicked on you're more likely to get $1-$2 per click rather 1-2 cents per click. I will type a small paragraph below that represents some major companies to demonstrate the ads Google places on my webpage.

Unfortunately you can't tell Google to always place American Express or other major company ads on your page. American Express is a great credit card that I use personally and my company issued an American Express credit card to me for business expanses. Another company that I love to shop at is Macy's. If I want Macy Ads on my webpage I need to talk as much as I can about it for google to pickup that's what my page is about.

Once your start mentioning major companies like American Express or Macy's Google will scan your page that has AdSense on it and will eventually place American Express or Macy's Ad's on your page. It might not be right away but it will happen. Lets see what Ad's are placed on my page if I just add a list of some of my favorite company's or stores I love to spend my hard earned dollars at.

Sony is a great electronic store where I bought my PS3.
I also bought my XBOX from Microsoft.
Anyone have an iPhone? I have been using many Apple products since the first ipod.
The company I work for loves to use HP products for the network as well as the end user Hewlett Packard laptops.
When it comes to teeth cleaning products I use Orel-b, Sensodyne and Colgate.

So I spoke about a few companies. Lets see what Google plans on using for my Ad's.
This is a test as well as a demonstration so when your writing your blog you know whats best to talk about if you want people to click on your Ads to maximize your dollar amount per click. Feel free to test out the site's features! :)

More to come....... Thanks